Biden Helps Venezuela Dictator

Biden Helps Venezuela Dictator

Biden Gives INSANE “Gift” To Communist Dictator

( – President Joe Biden’s administration is planning to ease sanctions on one of the world’s worst dictators. An official has told journalists Biden is planning to make concessions to Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro as long as he resumes talks with the country’s opposition and lets a US oil company start negotiating drilling rights.

On May 17, the Miami Herald reported President Biden plans to reduce pressure on Maduro, who began ruling the once-prosperous country in 2013. Since his 2018 re-election, after a vote most of the world condemned as rigged, Maduro’s brutal and incompetent regime has faced heavy international sanctions. Now Biden wants to give him some breathing space.

According to an unnamed senior administration official, Biden wants to lift sanctions on at least one Maduro regime figure on the condition that the Venezuelan president restarts talks with the opposition, which he walked out of last year. In return, US oil company Chevron would be allowed to start negotiating “future activity” in Venezuela.

Biden is under considerable pressure to cut the cost of gas, which is driving the current US inflation crisis. The administration insists it isn’t trying to reverse former President Donald Trump’s policy on Venezuela, but that’s seemingly exactly what it plans to do. The deal would only grant Chevron the authority to negotiate, not to actually start production in the country. Any oil that might result from the agreement would come far too late to help Americans who are struggling right now.

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