Biden Gives Gives Millions to Iran

Biden Gives Gives Millions to Iran

( – The Biden administration’s Middle East policy slipped further into chaos on Monday, with yet another policy retreat toward Iran even as the rogue state launched new attacks on energy supplies. Our enemies can smell weakness, and they’re closing in.

Last month, Iran-backed terrorists launched a deadly rocket attack on a US base in Iraq. On March 8, Yemen’s Houthi rebels – supported by Iran – used rockets and drones to attack an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most important oil producers. What was the Biden administration’s response to this aggression? He handed the ayatollahs another $3 billion in unlocked funds.

In 2016, Barack Obama unlocked around $1.6 billion in sanctioned Iranian investments in a failed attempt to bribe Tehran into playing nice with the rest of the world. Instead, Iran kept right on backing terrorists, disrupting oil shipments and developing nuclear weapons. Obama’s bribe didn’t work, so now Biden is trying a bigger one.

On March 8, with Iranian warheads still falling on Aramco’s Saudi refinery, Biden announced the release of another $3 billion to Iran. He also vowed to protect Saudi Arabia from Iranian aggression – but that would be a lot easier to do if he’d stop giving money to the rogue state.

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