Biden Gets KEY Invasion Detail Wrong!

Biden Gets Key Invasion Detail Wrong

Biden Gets Key Invasion Detail Wrong

( – The controversy surrounding President Joe Biden’s gaffes, misstatements, and falsehoods continues mounting the longer he remains in office. It recently reached the point that The Washington Post awarded him a “Bottomless Pinnochio” days before the midterm elections for repeating the same “false or misleading” statement at least 20 times. Most recently, Biden stumbled over a key invasion detail while speaking with the press corps.

On November 9, Biden held a press conference in the White House State Dining Room to discuss the midterm elections and boast about his handling of the economy and other questionable claims about his so-called accomplishments. Then, drawing his remarks to a close, he pulled out a list of pre-selected journalists to call on for questions.

David Sanger, The New York Times’ chief Washington correspondent, asked Biden what kind of compromise the Ukrainian government would accept with Russia to end the war.

Biden responded he didn’t have anything specific in mind. However, he said the current situation involved “whether or not” Russian military forces were “pulling back from Fallujah,” an Iraqi city located along the Euphrates river about 43 miles west of Baghdad.

Grimacing, Biden squinted his eyes, looked down, and corrected himself. “Kherson, the city of Kherson,” he remarked, referring to a city in Eastern Ukraine. The president also got tongue-tied while jokingly (?) referring to himself as an “extremist.”

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