Biden Finally Admits Life Is Awful for Americans Right Now

Biden Finally Admits Life Is Awful For Americans Right Now

( – It’s no great secret that Americans are suffering. COVID-19 still looms over the country, and rising inflation is devastating the economy. Through it all, President Joe Biden has tried to convince the nation everything is peachy keen. However, a few cracks recently started appearing in that story.

On Monday, November 8, Biden sat down for an interview with WKRC host Kyle Inskeep as part of his nationwide push to claim full credit for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Inskeep steered the conversation to Biden’s plummeting polling numbers. Unsurprisingly, Biden blamed rising gasoline prices and the after-effects of the pandemic for his waning support.

Then, something mildly amazing and incredibly alarming happened. Biden admitted his administration’s colossal failures had Americans on edge — even though he didn’t take credit for those. “A lot of people are worried,” he stated.

Three-quarters of a million people have died from the coronavirus, “gas prices are up,” public schools are “just getting open again.” “There’s a lot of anxiety,” he conceded, adding there is a “great deal of concern.”

Does Biden somehow think this admission builds confidence? Restores faith in the government? His administration? It’s not like he offered any solutions. All he did was finally concede there’s a problem. Does he know it’s not going to get better on its own?

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