Biden Falsely Claims Pennsylvania Company Closing

Biden Falsely Claims Pennsylvania Company Closing

( – Over the weekend, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spoke, and the wrong words magically came out — again.

The former vice president gave a television interview on Saturday, October 10, and caused panic among workers at Wabtec, a locomotive manufacturer in Erie, PA. He said that he “heard” the company was shutting down.

Biden’s faux pas forced Wabtec to quickly deny Biden’s statement. An email to employees said, in the strongest of terms, that the candidate’s statement was untrue. After the interview, the news station said Biden corrected himself. The damage was already done to the company and its employees, however.

Earlier this year, Webtec laid off 300 employees at the plant with approximately 1,200 workers still employed there. Biden has a long history of making gaffes. If elected president, might one cause an international incident or people’s 401(k)’s to dive?

A few days ago, Biden said we would have to elect him to learn his position on Supreme Court-packing. It appears the only way to know how bad his gaffes may hurt America is the same way.

Is that really a risk we should be taking?

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