Biden Failed to Speak to Nation in Pain

Biden Failed to Speak to Nation in Pain

( – Many people in the world love to dish out scolding criticism but can’t handle it when others direct it at them. In 2020, then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden relished calling President Donald Trump a liar, divider, and lawless. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. The difference is political rhetoric directed at Trump was a false narrative. In Biden’s case, there’s demonstrable proof that he lies, misinforms, and generally does whatever he wants with reckless abandon regardless of the law.

In normal times, the public usually gives a president the benefit of the doubt in the first year of a presidency. Anyone paying just a little attention knows that this is not a normal time. August was a turbulent month for Biden. He set an arbitrary timeline for the Afghanistan withdrawal, got caught lying once again, and managed to infuriate Gold Star families.

On Tuesday, August 31, Joe Biden spoke before the American people. He failed miserably if his goal was to persuade and reassure an angry and concerned nation in pain over his botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Did Biden Scold America?

Biden’s speech was perhaps the most important one of his presidency. It’s entirely possible that America just watched the Biden administration fall into a lame-duck presidency with nearly three-and-half years to go. Instead of bringing Americans together to celebrate the end of a 20-year war that most agreed was long overdue, Biden acted like an angry grandpa scolding his little grandchildren.

The president’s tone was loud, abrasive, and his body language appeared to communicate anger with the public at their disapproval of his withdrawal. On Tuesday, a brand new Morning Consult Poll showed the president underwater for the first time as 49% of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance. Democrat’s are softening their opinions against him, and Republican opposition is hardening. Independents are all but tuning him out now. It’s not a good position to be in for a president with far-left legislative ambitions still ahead of him.

Speaking to voters as if they are petulant grandchildren won’t help matters. Complicating the issue, Biden spent most of his time talking about himself. He doubled down on his message of no regret, blamed others for the problems he created, and claimed his operation was a tremendous success. It’s hard to know what world Biden is living in as almost everyone else believes the withdrawal was an unmitigated disaster.

This speech should’ve been somber, respectful, and reflective of the sacrifices of Americans in Afghanistan over the last 20 years. America needed Biden to rise above petty politics and discuss how America will move forward in the days, months, and years ahead. The country needed to hear the president reassure us that all of the sacrifices were not in vain. Instead, the nation got more of the same – it’s Trump’s fault.

For years, Biden railed against the Afghanistan war as nation-building. Yet, he refused to admit that America failed to build a lasting Democratic government in the war-torn country.

The last month, culminating in the Tuesday speech, personified everything wrong with the last 20 years. Biden wasn’t straight with America. He said all Americans would be out of Afghanistan, and not a single one would be stranded. He blamed Trump for his decision to withdraw. Despite intelligence agencies telling him differently, the president said he never expected the Taliban to capture Kabul in 10 days. Biden told us that world leaders weren’t disappointed and angry with America despite their public condemnations. Everything Biden said was a lie.

Instead of scolding America, Biden needs accountability. Biden revealed in his angry speech that he doesn’t think much of Americans. The country is starting to reciprocate as the mistruths, misinformation, disinformation, and lawlessness add up.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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