Biden Describes Way Out To Putin – It Could Avoid Nuclear War!

Biden Provides Putin a Way To Avoid Nuclear War

Biden Provides Putin a Way To Avoid Nuclear War

( – Things have likely not gone according to plan for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special operation” in Ukraine. Experts say the war has caused him headaches, and Ukraine is offering an effective countermeasure after he annexed parts of eastern and southern Ukraine on October 6. Now, concerns are growing that Moscow could escalate the war by using nuclear weapons.

On Tuesday, October 11, President Biden may have provided the Russian leader with an off-ramp to end the war. He told CNN in an exclusive interview how Putin is a “rational actor” who badly misjudged Ukraine and his own people. Last week, Biden warned nuclear armageddon was possible.

Did Biden Provide Russia With a Way Out?

The president told CNN host Jake Tapper that Putin believed the Ukrainians would welcome him with open arms. Instead, he didn’t exactly get a hero’s welcome. Biden said the leader acted brutally and committed war crimes. Still, he stated he didn’t believe Moscow would use nuclear weapons on its neighbor despite the threat, which he called irresponsible. When questioned if the Pentagon was asked to prepare a response to a nuclear threat from Russia, Biden noted they didn’t need to be asked.

When asked if there is an off-ramp, Biden said Putin could pull his military out of Ukraine and leave. The president added his Russian counterpart could “probably hold his position together in Russia.” He said Moscow could tell its people the army accomplished its objectives and bring Russians home.

Yet, experts say Putin is unlikely to take a step back, and he announced the armed forces were calling up reservists. That led to a brutal crackdown on anti-mobilization protests across the country. One report says the government has detained 2,500 people, and even pro-Kremlin individuals have questioned how the government call-up was conducted.

Administration Releases National Security Strategy (NSS)

On Wednesday, the White House released a new National Security Strategy (NSS). It addressed the potential for nuclear threats emanating from Russia and increased competition with China over the next ten years. The NSS noted the Ukrainian conflict weakened Moscow’s conventional military. As a result, it may rely more heavily on nuclear capabilities in its warfighting plans.

The NSS stated the US would not permit Russia, or any other entity, to threaten or use nuclear weapons to achieve victory.

Russian opposition leader Nikolay Rybakov told Newsweek Putin would use any means necessary to achieve his goals. Other experts told the news outlet that the odds the Russian leader would back down were slim. Experts emphasized that any comments about his future by Biden would not be helpful.

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