Biden Denies China Turned Down Visit

Biden Denies China Turned Down Visit

( – President Joe Biden has denied China’s leader isn’t interested in talking to him. Despite the denials, though, sources insist the report is accurate.

On September 14, the Financial Times reported Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping ignored an offer of a face-to-face meeting following a 90-minute call last week between Biden and Xi, the first in seven months. Instead, the newspaper said, he pushed Biden to be more respectful of China.

Asked by journalists if the report was accurate, Biden insisted, “It’s not true,” but a source briefed on the call says it is.

Apparently, Biden suggested a summit between the leaders as the next step in improving relations between the US and China, but Xi didn’t reply. In fact, he took the chance to urge Biden to take a softer line on China in his public statements. In support of its Asian allies, the US has openly opposed China’s secrecy, authoritarianism and expansionist behavior in the South China Sea. Beijing wants that to stop.

For now, it appears Biden has given up on having a proper meeting with Xi. After the call, the White House said it wants to keep channels open with Beijing, but there are no plans for the next discussion between the two leaders.

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