Biden Criticizes Trump Speech

Biden Criticizes Trump Speech

( – The left will never cease to find something to criticize President Trump over. In this case, it was former vice president Joe Biden responding to Trump’s national address Wednesday night. The former vice president called out Trump and his administration for not doing enough about the coronavirus in his opinion. Essentially, Biden’s speech boiled down to a single sentiment repeated by Democrats for the past three years: Orange man bad.

Biden, who was surprisingly coherent for this speech, gave a list of grievances about what he feels the Trump administration is doing wrong. He also gave a handful of very obvious suggestions to tackle the coronavirus issue. Such insightful recommendations included listening to subject matter experts about the virus and to provide “accurate and up-to-date information.”

Biden spoke as if Trump hasn’t already been doing these things. But, this is the length that Dems will go to to attack Trump. Dems are grasping at straws while Trump is providing real solutions.


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