Biden Creates Unrealistic Climate Agenda as China Defies Agreements

Biden Creates Unrealistic Climate Agenda as China Defies Agreements

( – Another “World Day” has come and gone. On Thursday, April 22, world leaders met virtually to discuss reducing pollution and emissions that they say contribute to global climate change. The meeting was met with grandiose promises by some world leaders to target reductions in carbon emissions. Afterward, President Joe Biden said at the White House the US must do what it can to “avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis.”

Biden added that he intends to cut emissions as much as 52% from 2005 levels by 2035. However, questions are being raised. For one, is it realistic? How will he do it, and would be the impact on the US economy? Additionally, China, India, and Russia seem to be throwing a wrinkle into Biden’s agenda and appear much less concerned about global climate change.

Biden Reversing Course

Former President Donald Trump removed America from the Paris Climate Accord and chartered America towards energy independence for the first time in decades. Of course, immediately after taking office, Biden began undoing Trump’s economic successes on the energy front.

He immediately revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit and signaled he’s moving America back to Obama-era energy regulations, including stopping oil extraction on federal lands. Now, he’s preparing an unrealistic proposal to cut emissions dramatically.

In theory, it sounds like a good idea. Who doesn’t want a cleaner environment? Especially when industries are making the changes on their own. According to the US Energy Information Administration, US emissions in 2019 were lower than at any time since 1950.

So, why is America rushing into global agreements?

Biden’s Plan Could Backfire on America

Currently, America is in a position of strength as the global energy leader. Biden is potentially putting America at risk by reducing its global impact on the industry, harming the US economy, and emboldening America’s enemies. The proof is in California and Texas. Last summer, California instituted week-long rolling blackouts because it shut down coal plants, and the “green” infrastructure couldn’t handle the electric load. In Texas, America witnessed chaos as windmill farms froze and other problems with the grid caused a winter crisis amid a deep freeze.

On Thursday, during the call with world leaders, Russia and China made their views clear. Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the US for any climate crisis. He said the US is historically the global leader in emissions, and today’s problems result from America.

That’s true. However, America is steadily falling down the rankings. Everything is about jockeying for position in global politics. As the third-largest emitter of emissions in the world, what Putin tried to do is essentially shame Biden into making more cuts that could give Russia a competitive advantage over the United States.

For China’s part, it was straight-up honest. It’s building more coal plants, and it doesn’t expect to stop for at least a decade. China is the world’s largest emitter of emissions and it doesn’t care. It’s concerned with economic and military power.

Regarding India, it expects to increase emissions by 50% by 2040. So, what does it matter if the US sacrifices itself to reduce emissions, but the big three of China, Russia, and India keep ramping up emissions over the next 20 and 30 years?

While America forces potentially unrealistic climate targets and Biden turns America into California, the country becomes weaker. America loses politically, economically, and globally.

America can lead by example instead of impossible edicts. The country is already doing it on its own as a responsible nation. Big government interference can only serve to create more chaos by targeting forced solutions that it can’t meet.

Stay tuned. There will be a lot on the climate front in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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