Biden Courts Republican Governors While Undercutting Them

Biden Courts Republican Governors While Undercutting Them

( – On inauguration day, Joe Biden committed to unifying the country. He said he wanted to be a president for both Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, his rhetoric isn’t matching his actions. In just one month, he destroyed tens of thousands of good-paying union energy jobs, embraced social justice over equality for all, and nominated some of the most radical leftists in America to his cabinet.

If Biden can’t create the impression he’s trying to unite the country by working with the GOP in Congress, he’s got to find another way. Although it’s meaningless, Biden is now trying to court Republican governors to give the impression he’s not the partisan he’s being made out to be while he undercuts them with partisan executive orders and actions.

Biden Never Intended to Unify America

The writing was always on the wall. Biden declared he wasn’t serious about bipartisan unity when he offered up the party’s platform to the Left on a platter last summer during the Democratic National Convention. He successfully convinced many Americans he was moderate and that he defeated the leftists in his own party.

Well, that’s because it looks like he bribed them to spare the party a bruising nomination fight, not because he was a moderate. Those days are long gone after four years of the Obama/Biden administration.

Congressional Republicans said they were willing to work with the new president and give him a shot. However, Biden isn’t giving them anything to work with. Instead of a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package, Democrats are stuffing the reconciliation bill with far-left proposals that can’t earn bipartisan support. That’s just for starters.

If Biden Can’t Work With Congressional Republicans, He’ll Turn to Governors

It’s not the first time Biden tried to court GOP governors. During the transition, he sought to go around former President Donald Trump, who wasn’t fully cooperating with Biden’s transition team. Biden turned to a few anti-Trump Republicans to try and apply pressure on the then-sitting president to concede.

Surprise, it didn’t work.

Now, Biden is trying the same tactic again. He’s courting Republican governors in hopes it will make him look like he’s keeping his promise of bipartisanship. He’s quick to offer help to Texas in the wake of its crippling winter freeze that saw power out across the massive state for nearly a week. He’s offering billions of dollars for states and cities in the COVID-19 relief package.

He’s banking on pragmatic governors pressuring Republicans in Congress. It’s that simple. Instead of playing the inside game, he’s trying to work outside-in.

Undercutting GOP Governors

At the same time Biden is courting Republican governors, he’s also undercutting them. Some are expressing disappointment and anger at Biden’s energy policies that are hurting their state economies at the worst time possible.

To this point, Biden largely ignores their concerns. Some governors say they don’t hear from the administration, and they learn of new policy announcements that impact their states through the media.

While it’s good to talk with Republican governors, Biden should focus on negotiating with GOP leaders in Congress. Governors who feel undercut by the administration aren’t likely to do the Democratic president any favors. Plus, it’s a dangerous tactic for Biden. Perceptions can’t be changed when actions say something different.

That’s called hypocrisy, and there seems no lack of it lately coming from Democrats.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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