Biden Contemplates FAA Nomination Despite Corruption Investigation

Biden Contemplates FAA Nomination Despite Corruption Investigation

( – The FAA has been without official leadership now for a little over a year. While President Joe Biden did nominate former LA Metro CEO Phillip Washington for the role back in July, the businessman has yet to be officially confirmed. The businessman is now facing rapidly intensifying scrutiny over his role in a number of incidents some say involved public corruption, discrimination, fraud and abuse.

At the heart of the controversy stands a nearly three-year investigation into an alleged Pay-to-Play and Public Corruption scheme involving sole source contracts at LA Metro Headquarters. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) reportedly raided the location back in September, serving warrants on Washington, Peace Over Violence CEO Patti Giggans, and LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl at the time.

Washington’s warrant eventually made it to Biden’s desk, according to an exclusive article by The Current Report. The president apparently responded by questioning why the FBI hadn’t stepped in and ordered the agency to get involved.

The raid eventually made national news, triggering outrage on both sides of the political aisle. Senator Robert Wicker (R-MS) released a statement shortly afterward expressing deep concern over the fact that an FAA nominee was being investigated for corruption.

But as Wicker first pointed out back in July, Washington’s alleged run-in with the law isn’t the only issue at hand. His resume is extremely short in the aviation industry; he has little to no experience in the industry at all.

Notably, Washington’s current nomination for FAA lead is set to expire when Congress begins its next session in January. Biden will need to renominate him for the position if he truly believes he’s the right person for the role. The administration has not yet confirmed if Biden will follow through on that path or not.

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