Biden Confuses Public During Infrastructure Appearance

Biden Confuses Public During Infrastructure Appearance

( – President Joe Biden has managed to confuse his audience yet again, after livening up a speech with what he clearly thought was an inspirational saying from his “old neighborhood.” The problem is nobody could work out what it was supposed to mean. Once again, people are wondering if Biden is mentally fit to run the country.

On January 4, Biden gave a speech to mark the infrastructure spending Congress has voted through under his administration. Addressing a crowd at the Brent Spence Bridge near Covington, Kentucky, the president talked up the state of US infrastructure, then decided to dispense some more of his trademark homespun wisdom.

He said America’s best days are ahead of us, clarified that this means they’re not behind us, then announced he was going to “paraphrase the phrase of my old neighborhood.” It’s hard to tell what the original version is, because Biden’s paraphrase was, “The rest of the countries the world is not a patch in our jeans. If we do what we want to do and we need to do.”

Twitter rapidly exploded with comments on Biden’s complete incoherence. USAF veteran and former GOP congressional candidate Buzz Patterson forwarded the quote with the comment “In today’s episode of what the hell did Joe Biden say?” Journalist Becket Adams wondered, “was there a lot of lead paint in said neighborhood?” while Abigail Marone, press secretary to Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), was more direct, saying, “Makes perfect sense if your brain is mush.”

People were obviously having fun ridiculing Biden’s meaningless comments, but there’s a serious issue here. As an Air Force officer, Buzz Patterson used to carry the “nuclear football,” the briefcase that contains the codes the president needs to authorize a nuclear strike. His successor in that job is walking behind a man who doesn’t seem to be aware that the things he says are literally meaningless. Is our country safe in Joe Biden’s hands?

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