Biden Condemns Trump

Biden Condemns Trump

( – Democrats have been trying to spin a narrative blaming President Donald Trump for the rioting and looting in the streets. Since the Saturday, August 29, shooting in Portland, when a supporter of the president lost his life at the hands of an alleged Leftist, the rhetoric has escalated. On Monday, Democratic candidate Joe Biden started slinging mud as well.

During a campaign speech in Pittsburgh, Biden said the president has “been a toxic presence” in America for the last four years. He also claimed Trump will “do anything” to maintain his position of power, and called him “weak” for not asking private citizens to stop “acting as an armed militia.”

The entire speech was a pathetic attempt to paint Trump as a violent agitator who is trying to divide America. The same president who has repeatedly condemned rioting. The same president who has called on states to use the National Guard to stop the violence. The same president who wants Antifa labeled a terrorist organization.

That’s the commander-in-chief Biden wants you to think is the true leader of the rioters. Does he really believe that nonsense?

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