Biden Claims New Jobs Report Is Actually Good for Inflation

Biden Claims New Jobs Report Is Actually Good For Inflation

( – As America emerged from the worst of COVID-19 in 2021, President Joe Biden set out to transform the US economy in the wake of the social justice movements and a left-wing takeover of Congress. At the lowest point of the pandemic, over 20 million Americans collected unemployment benefits. In 2021, people slowly started returning to work, even as the great resignation movement struck businesses of all sizes.

On Friday, March 4, Biden eagerly reported that his plan to rebuild the economy was working as employers showed a strong hiring spree in February. Is that true? It might seem to some that people would eventually return to work as the pandemic recessed no matter who was president.

Biden Argues More Jobs Are Good for Inflation

In February, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said employers added 678,000 jobs – the largest job gain in seven months. Hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, and other hospitality industries saw the largest gains. Additionally, employers filled lower-wage positions that were largely dormant since the pandemic began.

On Friday, March 4, Biden said he created 7.4 million jobs since he became president as Americans headed back to work. Still, inflation is a serious problem for the US economy. Gas prices average above $4 per gallon nationally, and inflation is above 7%. Biden argues that the job gains prove the US is poised to deal with the inflation as the country recovers from the pandemic.

Yet, is that accurate?

In 2021, Biden shut off oil production on federal lands and revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline. Prior to his actions, the US was energy independent under President Donald Trump for the first time in decades. As gas prices rose through the summer into fall, the Biden asked OPEC to deliver oil instead of encouraging US production. In addition, several US economists blamed the American Rescue Act passed in March 2021 on a party-line vote for the spiking inflation.

So, what is the plan that the president is promoting?

Biden Says His Four-Part Plan Will Save America From His 2021 Policies

So, how will Biden save America? He has a four-part plan that is as follows:

  1. Manufacture and make more goods in America – that sounds a lot like a Trump agenda.
  2. Strengthen supply chains… that Biden broke.
  3. Reduce the deficit – in 2021, the president signed the $2 trillion partisan COVID-19 relief bill into law (aka, the American Rescue Act) that is largely responsible for the crushing inflation along with his energy policies. For most of the second half of 2021, the president promoted $3.5 trillion in new left-wing spending under the semi-socialist Build Back Better agenda.
  4. Eliminating barriers to jobs – which is just another way for the president to talk about his far-left equity agenda.

So, will his four-part plan really be good for inflation?

Will it even gain traction in Congress in an election cycle where Republicans may take the House and Senate back in November?

Stay tuned.

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