Biden Claims Massive Inflation Numbers Are “Out of Date”

Biden Claims Massive Inflation Numbers Are

“Out Of Date” – Biden Makes Serious Contradictory Statement on Economy

( – President Joe Biden has launched a new attempt to defuse criticism of his economic policies. In a statement, Biden claimed that while June’s inflation figures are unacceptable, they’re “also out-of-date.” However, the president’s claims don’t match the facts.

In June, the US inflation rate hit 9.1%, up from 8.6% in May and the highest rate in over 40 years. The Federal Reserve is trying to slow demand by hiking interest rates, but the 0.75% rise so far this year hasn’t been enough. Meanwhile, ordinary Americans are struggling, and food bank use is rising fast. It’s a huge crisis, and fixing it should be the government’s top priority.

Instead, on July 13, Biden released a statement claiming that inflation is actually falling. The president insisted that June’s figures don’t account for almost 30 days of falling gas prices and claimed “core inflation” — which excludes food and fuel, where price rises have been sharpest — has fallen for the third month in a row. In fact, June’s core inflation rose 0.7% over May, the highest increase in a year. Gas prices might have fallen 12% since June’s peak, but they’re still 47% higher than this time last year. Inflation is at catastrophic levels, and Biden can’t talk it away.

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