Biden Claims Capitol Police Treated Rioters Differently Than BLM

Biden Claims Capitol Police Treated Rioters Differently Than BLM

( – Is there a comparison between the riots that happened over the summer of 2020 and what happened on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, January 6? Apparently, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris believe there’s a double standard to how law enforcement handled rioters on Capitol Hill and “peaceful” riots in cities across America during last summer.

The inauguration of the next president is less than two weeks away. Already, America is getting a glimpse of the identity politics that’ll be at place, which are reminiscent of the Obama years. Over the last six months, Biden promised he would bring America together. However, the language chosen in Thursday’s press conference was divisive, unnecessary, and factually incorrect.

Words Are Important

Biden loves to taunt Trump by saying the “words of a president matter.” It appears that only applies while Trump is president. He and Harris went out of their way to say that there were two different sets of justice being applied to rioters, suggesting police took it easy on white people, but were harsh on “peaceful” black “rioters.”

Riots are bad. Let’s get that out of the way. They are never justified, and they are illegal. Those who commit arson, destroy property, harm others, and defy law enforcement when given lawful orders should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

However, how can one compare the summer of 2020 to what happened in Washington, DC a few days ago?

What did race have to do with protests over the election?

All Riots Are Not the Same

To suggest law enforcement took it easy on white Trump supporters and was harsh against Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters is inaccurate. There are videos of police fighting off scores of individuals inside the Capitol building, tear gas being fired, and federal officials with guns pointed at those who illegally entered the building. Five people lost their lives (including a veteran and a police officer.)

What happened on Wednesday had nothing to do with race, and suggesting it did is nothing more than political grandstanding.

Townhall Reporter Julio Rosas was in the building during the riots and shared how different the experience was from the summer BLM riots he covered. He explains that the issues were completely different. In a tweet, he said that Biden and Harris were wrong in their narratives.

The new dynamic duo seems to forget that people also died last summer. How many businesses and dreams were destroyed? How many people lost their livelihoods as homes, cars, and businesses were set on fire? They never said one word about the rioting and destruction last summer.

It appears that Biden and Harris are willing to continue the unfair attack against police officers and law enforcement. They are ready to talk first and gather facts later. Is America headed towards another four years of identity politics?

Get ready… it’s back.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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