Biden Calls Vladimir Putin a Killer

Biden Calls Vladimir Putin a Killer

( – President Biden sparked a major diplomatic incident on Wednesday when he labeled Russian leader Vladimir Putin a killer. In a rambling and contradictory interview, Biden also said the US and Russia need to “work together.” That might not be so easy after he insulted that country’s head of state.

In the interview, broadcast on March 17, ABC host George Stephanopolous asked Biden if he thought President Putin was a killer. Biden replied, “I do,” triggering a furious diplomatic response.

Now, Russia has recalled its ambassador from Washington for the first time since 1998 and demanded a formal apology from Biden. The Russian foreign ministry wants an explanation of why Biden said it – of course, he probably doesn’t know – and warned of an “irreversible deterioration in relations” with the Biden administration unless it gets one.

The Russian president himself seems to be surviving Biden’s insults. Talking to state TV on Wednesday, Putin, a former KGB field officer, said to the man who called him a killer, “I wish you good health.” That should reassure the White House.

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