Biden Calls Abrupt Meeting With Obama in Publicity Stunt to Help His Poor Image With African Americans

Biden Calls Abrupt Meeting With Obama in Publicity Stunt to Help His Poor Image With African Americans

( – Joe Biden’s campaign is slowly losing the African-American vote. And, he knows it.

That’s why, according to CNBC, Biden just called an emergency meeting with Former President Barack Obama. He’s launching more television ads with Obama in a desperate attempt to change his image away from “token white guy.”

Biden Calls Meeting

The presumptive candidate of the Democratic Party, perhaps in a bid to remind voters who he is after his self-imposed basement exile during the coronavirus pandemic, turned to the one person certain to get the attention of every Progressive Liberal: former President Barack Obama. In an artfully — read: cheesy — displayed video with the masked men properly socially-distanced, they proceed to have a chit chat about President Donald Trump.

Obama went on to paint Biden as a well-heeled elder statesman praising his empathy, effectiveness, and character while at the same time helping the candidate demonize the current occupant of the Oval Office. For those who’ve been paying attention to the Democratic Party’s primary season, it might seem a little strange considering the man who’s nearly a messiah-figure to the Left waited more than a week after Biden was the last man standing to endorse him.

Biden’s Faltering African-American Support

For the past half-century, the Black vote has been overwhelmingly in favor of the Democrat in any presidential election race and honestly, it’s likely to be the case in 2020 as well. But as this election season has progressed, support for Biden has weakened among this demographic, no matter what the Liberal media tries to say on the matter.

This faltering support could stem from the fact that we live in an age where public actions, no matter how long ago they took place, are available for quick access on the Internet. As a freshman senator in 1975, Biden sponsored a bill intended to limit the power of federal courts to order forced busing for the integration of public schools. This caused some experts to opine that he “…led the charge on an issue that kept Black students away from the classroom of White students.”

Or maybe it’s more of a current events issue after he had a bit of a — faux pas? — while appearing on the podcast The Breakfast Club. While he and the host were discussing issues related to the racial breakdown of potential voters he said, “…then you ain’t black” if someone of that race voted for President Trump and not him. This soundbite of blatant bigotry engendered outrage, particularly among Black Conservatives.

It’s far beyond obvious there’s a wide chasm along ideological and racial lines in the United States today. The same can be said for the fact that the elections coming up in November could be America’s swansong should the Democrats prevail. Hopefully, her citizens are savvy enough to see past all the red herrings and false flags coming from the Leftists and are able to drill down to the actual truth of who has the best intentions for the country.

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