Biden Believes Economy Will Prevent China from Invading Taiwan

( – Leaders and finance ministers from some of the world’s largest economies recently met in India at the 2023 G20 Summit. President Joe Biden spoke with reporters after the gathering’s conclusion, telling them he believed China’s current economic conditions would diminish the chance Xi would invade Taiwan.

Biden held a brief press conference with reporters at a hotel in Vietnam following the conclusion of the two-day summit on September 10. He spent considerable time during the presser discussing the current state of China’s economy.

The president described China’s economy as a “crisis,” citing high youth unemployment and issues within the country’s real estate sector. He told reporters that one of Xi’s “major economic tenets [wasn’t] working at all.” The president said he wasn’t happy about China’s economic woes, but they aren’t working.

Biden also told reporters he had an opportunity to talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s second in command, Premier Li Qiang. That meeting represented the highest level of talks between the two nations’ leadership since Biden met with Xi at last year’s G20 Summit.

A reporter asked Biden about his recent characterization of China’s economy as a “ticking time bomb” and whether the communist country’s slowdown could lead to Beijing taking a more aggressive position with Taiwan.

Biden confirmed that China was experiencing a “difficult economic problem.” He said he didn’t think it would “cause China to invade Taiwan” or make other defensive moves. “Matter of fact… [China] probably doesn’t have the same capacity [to attack Taiwan] that it had before,” he added.

Predictably, the president put in a plug for his leadership during the press conference, telling reporters that America has the “strongest economy in the world today.” In typical Biden fashion, he repeated himself two more times in rapid succession.

Let’s hope China doesn’t take his remarks as a dare or decide they needed to take action it hadn’t previously considered to save face.

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