Biden Asked To Order Special Sanctions

Biden Asked To Order Special Sanctions

( – President Biden is under pressure to impose new sanctions on Chinese internet companies linked to the CCP. Republican lawmakers say Huawei and other businesses are a threat to national security. Now they want the administration to tighten the rules and remove the danger.

On April 25, nine Republican senators wrote to the Biden administration to warn it that Chinese cloud storage companies, including Huawei Cloud, are “increasingly engaging with foreign entities.” Some of those foreign entities are in states like Russia, and the services China provides include satellite imagery — which has obvious military uses. China’s help could make it easier for Russia to hit targets in Ukraine, but depending on what images are provided, it could also threaten the US.

Huawei is helping Russia through the Sky Computing Constellation, a joint project with Spacety China. The project has already been sanctioned by the Treasury Department because of its links to Russia. Now the senators want the companies that run it sanctioned, too.

The leader of the group is Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), who says the activities of Chinese businesses “pose a threat to [U.S.] national security and economic security.” Hagerty’s letter was also signed by multiple Republican senators, including Ted Cruz (TX), Steven Daines (MT), Marco Rubio (FL), Katie Britt (AL), Joni Ernst (IA), Dan Sullivan (AK), Kevin Cramer (ND) and Thom Tillis (NC),

Copies of the letter have gone to the Commerce, State and Treasury departments, urging them all to take action against Huawei and others. They’re also calling for action against Alibaba Cloud, which is partly controlled by a CCP committee and is still working with Russia — but has two data centers in California’s Silicon Valley.

So far, the Biden administration’s response to China has been patchy. In 2021, the president sanctioned some companies linked to the Chinese defense industry — but many others controlled by the CCP are still free to operate in the US. Now these lawmakers are pushing Biden to close the gaps.

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