Biden Argued in 2020 the Choice Was Law or Lawlessness, He Chose Lawlessness

Biden Argued in 2020 the Choice Was Law or Lawlessness, He Chose Lawlessness

( – During the 2020 general presidential election, Joe Biden offered himself as a superior moral candidate to then-President Donald Trump. Biden suggested that he cared for the country and Trump only thought about himself. It was one disinformation campaign that grew into many over the last eight months.

Moral tests by immoral people are tricky propositions and Biden’s long history with self embellishments and outright lies are well chronicled. Biden misinforms the public as fast as a dog can lick a plate clean. Two recent choices reveal that Biden’s moral equivalency remains a red herring. Biden is choosing lawlessness all too often and few are calling him out for it.

Biden’s Lawlessness Is Growing Thin

When Biden chooses to ignore the law, it’s not an accident. In January, he decreed his first illegal act in a prelude to upcoming behavior. The president chose to sign an executive order forcing immigration authorities to stop enforcing deportations for 100 days. The violation of immigration law was so egregious that a federal judge almost immediately stopped the illegal act.

Let’s fast forward to the eviction moratorium. In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order that prevented landlords from evicting tenants who either couldn’t or wouldn’t pay their rent. Most landlords in America are small business owners who are suffering because of the order as millions of tenants are anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, or more, behind on their rent. The situation was preventable and a consequence of government overreach.

On June 30, the US Supreme Court sent a shot across Biden’s bow. Five justices said the eviction moratorium was unconstitutional. However, Brett Kavanaugh ruled not to suspend it since it would cause harm, and the CDC’s order expired just a few weeks later. In his one-paragraph explanation, the justice said Congress would need to pass legislation moving forward for it to hold muster.

Biden didn’t care. In an act of unlawful civil disobedience towards the high court, he allowed the CDC to extend the moratorium. The president acknowledged that it was likely unconstitutional, but he did it anyway out of some notion of moral compassion for renters while the landlords are stuck losing their livelihoods.

The problem for Biden and the federal government, in general, is that an eviction moratorium is a slippery slope. Unchecked authority during a pandemic could give the CDC unbridled power and authority over the economy at the slightest hint of a disease.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Biden’s statement on Tuesday, August 10. This one is a doozy. He all but declared war against Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and his anti-mask mandate. When asked if the federal government could constitutionally stop Florida’s anti-mask rules, the president said, “probably not.” Then, in the next breath, he suggested that he was looking into how he could violate the 10th Amendment.

Constitutional Lawlessness Reigns

Biden is making it clear that the Constitution only applies if he says it does. The founders designed the document to prevent the government from exerting overhanded edicts and stop authoritarianism dead in its tracks. In fact, 7 of the first 10 amendments purposely instruct the government on its limits.

Unfortunately, Biden must believe those limitations don’t apply if a white lab coat says something different than the Constitution.

So much for the moral trepidation of a lawless president. Unfortunately, America chose Biden. Now we all get to live with his moral code, whatever that means?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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