Biden and Son Clash Over Ukraine Claims

Biden and Son Clash Over Ukraine Claims

Right now, opponents of President Trump are in a flap over claims that he discussed Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the president of Ukraine. Strangely, they seem more bothered about that than about the actual business dealings themselves. This is odd, because Ukraine is a troubled country suffering from major corruption problems, and it would be alarming if US businesses were feeding that corruption.

Joe Biden might have more reason to be alarmed than most because he’s trying to be our next president. It’s no big surprise that he’s claiming he never discussed his son’s business with him — he doesn’t want to be caught up in any fallout if that business is tied to corruption in the former Soviet republic.

The problem is, Hunter Biden has clearly said his father did discuss the Burisma energy company with him, back in 2015. Seems dad has a track record of “forgetting” things he’s said and done and it’s already bitten him a couple of times in this campaign.

Maybe he’s too “forgetful” to be president. What do you think?

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