Biden Administration to STOP Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Biden Administration to STOP Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

( – As we reported earlier this week, a caravan of thousands of Hondurans is working its way northward in hopes of finding refuge in the United States. The Trump administration cracked down on illegal immigration by enacting aggressive policies and practices to strengthen the nation’s southern border.

However, immigrants see a window of opportunity with the incoming Biden administration. On January 20, Biden’s acting Homeland Security director issued a directive ordering a 100-day halt to deportations of illegal immigrants in an interagency memorandum.

This pause applies to illegal immigrants already in the country, including convicted criminals and those awaiting trials. It goes into effect on Friday, January 22, and will likely serve as a green light to even more illegal immigrants to head towards the United States.

Making matters worse, Joe Biden signed an executive order on January 20 rescinding Donald Trump’s emergency declaration and putting a halt to border wall construction. Hopefully, Republican lawmakers can counter administration efforts to decrease border security.

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