Biden Administration Refuses Entry of Private Rescue Flight

Biden Administration Refuses Entry of Private Rescue Flight

( – Americans may never know the full impact of President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, its short-term failures continue manifesting themselves in unprecedented ways. Such was the case for a group of evacuees attempting to gain entry into the United States.

On Wednesday, September 29, US officials temporarily barred a charter flight carrying US citizens and green card holders. A total of 28 American citizens, 83 green card holders, and 6 Afghans with special immigration visas (SIVs) were aboard the flight.

The group had been evacuated from Afghanistan to Abu Dhabi and was on the last leg of their journey when officials turned them away. The flight’s organizer and military veteran Bryan Stern told reporters customs officials had cleared the charter flight to land in New York but changed its clearance to Dulles Airport before officially denying it the right to land on US soil.

As one might expect, their denial of entry sparked controversy, with many questioning why officials would target a group of US citizens, permanent residents, and special visa holders.

A State Department spokesperson told reporters they needed to verify the accuracy of the list of passengers before allowing the plane to land in the United States. The official confirmed that embassy staff were working around the clock to verify the passenger manifest.

It remains unclear why US officials targeted this flight considering the number of illegal migrants already whisked into the country under Biden administration directives.

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