Biden Admin Preparing to Hand Out a $1 Million in Cash to Illegal Immigrants

Biden Admin Preparing to Hand Out a $1 Million in Cash To Illegal Immigrants

( – Objective morality no longer exists in America. The Biden administration is hammering the stake through its heart and eroding simple truths. It’s hard to imagine the administration’s rationale for the latest, perhaps most crazy, move yet. Perhaps President Joe Biden believes he’s lost the confidence of most Americans and needs a new constituency to help propel the Democratic Party forward. If so, it’s a major insult to everyone who lives in the United States regardless of ancestry, skin color, gender, or creed.

On Thursday, October 28, the Wall Street Journal published a bombshell report. The Biden administration is negotiating a settlement with illegal immigrant families whom the government allegedly separated in 2019. The potential number of taxpayer dollars dished out to people who broke the law and came into the US illegally could reach as high as $1 million per family, for a total of $1 billion of your hard-earned dollars.

Biden Seeks to Reward More Illegal Immigration

We should never again hear of the Democrats’ ridiculous charge that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. That’s a separate discussion for another time. The point is we have clear proof that Biden is colluding with illegal immigrants. What other conclusion could one arrive at? People who go to jail for breaking the law aren’t given money for their crimes?

Yet, here we are… In Biden’s first few days in office, he pledged to unite illegal immigrants separated by Donald Trump. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claims Biden told them that the family separation policy was a moral stain on the country that America must rectify.

Here’s a question: Where was Biden during the Obama administration? He was vice president when Obama put kids in chain fences and separated children from families. Or, did they? Is it possible that kids were coming with adults who were not their parents? How could one prove they were the parent? The point is, it must be okay for the Obama administration to separate kids because they are compassionate Democrats. There is no stain on the government as big as the hypocrisy Biden is committing.

Since Biden took office in January, over 1 million illegal immigrants entered the United States that we know of, and thousands more are on the way in a new caravan working its way up from Mexico. Biden incentivized this in the 2020 presidential campaign. With this potential payout, he’s putting incentivization on steroids. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to go from abject poverty in a third-world country to becoming a millionaire for free in the United States? All you need to do is show up.

That’s an insult to Americans who work hard every day in this country to make a living and will never become millionaires.

Some US Attorney’s on the Case Object

According to the Wall Street Journal report, numerous US attorneys involved in the situation object to a proposed payout. Some say it’s excessive for people who broke the law. One threatened to remove himself from the case over the disagreement. One Department of Homeland Security (DHS) attorney involved in the negotiations said the money paid out to illegal immigrants could be more than some 9/11 victims received.

Other government attorneys argue that litigation could be costly and difficult to resolve and may not even make it to court. The question is, why isn’t the government fighting for US taxpayers instead of rolling over and giving taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants? Any agreement would likely result in more illegal immigration and more lawsuits to scam the US out of money.

Is there any situation where this turns out well?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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