Biden Accused of Violating the Constitution

Biden Accused of Violating the Constitution

Biden “VIOLATION” Reported – A Very Serious Breach

( – President Joe Biden doesn’t engage much with the media, which may be for a good reason. On Wednesday, June 9, Biden made his first late-night television appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said a most curious thing. Biden proclaimed he did not want to emulate former President Donald Trump’s abuse of the Constitution. Yet, the president has racked up an incredible number of court losses showing an ongoing disregard for presidential limits in the US Constitution.

Over the last 18 months, illegal immigration has grown to historical levels. On July 30, 2021, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) stated the Biden administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws created a constitutional crisis between Texas and the federal government. Now, it appears many Texas counties are taking matters into their own hands, which could lead to the governor of Arizona following suit.

Texas Counties Declare “Invasion”

On Wednesday, July 6, several Texas counties declared illegal immigrants had overrun its border with Mexico, and therefore it was an invasion. County leaders hope their action will force Gov. Abbott to join them. Officials from Terrell, Kinney, Goliad, and Uvalde Counties blamed the border crisis on President Joe Biden’s “open border policy.” County leaders believe up to 15 more Texas counties could soon join them.

In May, US Customs Border Patrol agents encountered over 239,000 illegal immigrants. By declaring an “invasion,” many conservatives believe the legal and constitutional term could create a path for states to deal with unlawful immigration independently of the federal government. Especially since many believe the Biden administration refuses to enforce federal immigration laws.

Conservatives note the US Constitution obligates the federal government and states to halt invasions. By issuing the declarations, some believe that war powers allow governors to use the National Guard to remove illegal immigrants.

Former acting deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli and Former Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Russ Vought are pushing governors to make an “invasion” declaration using Article I and Article IV of the US Constitution. The provisions allow states to enact war during an invasion, and a state doesn’t need Congress’ permission to do so.

On Tuesday, Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan said Texas is undoubtedly facing an invasion. The judge noted the country has no idea how bad things are on the southern border, and he hopes the declaration will begin to shed light on the problem.

Arizona Already Using “Invasion” Declaration

In late June, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich declared illegal immigrants were invading his state. The state AG argued that cartels and gangs were creating lawlessness and enacting violence against state residents. He said Arizona had a right to defend itself from an invasion.

Still, Abbott so far has resisted making a declaration of invasion.

So, there are two questions at play.

  1. Is a state declaration of invasion constitutional? No one is sure how the US Supreme Court would rule on the matter since it’s never been tested. George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley says an invasion has been generally interpreted to mean an invasion by an army of a foreign government.
  2. Is President Biden violating the Constitution by not enforcing immigration laws he deems broken because they disagree with his political views?

If states send illegal immigrants back to Mexico, it could force the courts to rule on the two questions once and for all.

It could get very interesting, and the implications could change the presidency and the principles of federalism.

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