Biden Accused of Trying to Purposely Restrict the Press

Biden Accused of Trying to Purposely Restrict the Press

Joe Biden ACCUSED By Dozens Of Journalists

( – The White House press corps refers to the group of journalists assigned to the White House. It has offices in the West Wing and works through the White House Correspondent’s Association (WHCA) to fight for “openness and transparency in every operation of the presidency.” However, dozens of top reporters recently accused President Joe Biden of trying to deliberately restrict the press.

On June 30, a group of WHCA members sent a letter to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre demanding greater transparency from Biden administration officials. WHCA President Steven Portnoy, Treasurer Francesca Chambers, and board member Todd Gillman were among the letter’s 68 signatories.

The two-page letter laid out two main demands. First, it asked the White House to “re-open all… traditional venues for presidential remarks” to reporters, including the South Court Auditorium and the East Room.

Second, the letter demands more transparency from White House officials regarding its process for screening reporters allowed to attend presidential press briefings.

The letter also pointed out that the administration’s mysterious restrictions on attendees “undermines… Biden’s credibility,” particularly since he claims to support First Amendment freedoms.

Biden’s effort to restrict reporters’ access should come as no surprise considering his history. He spent most of the 2020 campaign hiding in his Delaware Bunker, avoiding direct contact with journalists. Likewise, he continued avoiding the media as president, holding an average of only 0.88 press conferences a month compared to former President Donald Trump’s 1.83 and President Barack Obama’s 1.70 averages.

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