Bernie’s Health Impedes Campaign Events

Bernie's Health Impedes Campaign Events

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has gone hard on the campaign trail over the past few months. It seems that he’s spoken at a different venue every day of the week. All of that traveling and campaigning for his presidential campaign may be catching up with him.

Bernie was recently admitted to a hospital after complaints of chest pains. It turns out that he had a blocked artery and underwent a heart procedure to insert a few stents. Bernie’s health issues now seem to be alleviated, though he’s taking a few days off the campaign trail to recover.

While Bernie certainly isn’t a figure that Republicans see eye-to-eye with, he’s still a politician fighting for an America he believes in. Few individuals have the capability or will to run for the highest seat in the land. If only for that fact alone, Bernie deserves our sympathies and best wishes as he recovers from his heart condition and procedure.

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