Bernie’s Draconian Restrictions on Assault Weapons

Bernie's Draconian Restrictions on Assault Weapons

Democrats have systematically worked to erode our gun rights for countless decades. So, you’d be correct to expect every DNC candidate to approach this goal in their own way. Bernie Sanders is no exception, except he has a much more subversive plan than his peers.

While other DNC candidates are calling for the confiscation of all assault weapons, Bernie isn’t (yet). Instead, Bernie wants to cut off the manufacture and sales of these weapons. He also wants a strong gun regulation policy in conjunction with dismantling firearm supply networks.

Bernie shared his thoughts in a recent Cosmopolitan interview:

He elaborated on his justification for this draconian policy by referencing the banning of machine gun sales during the Reagan era.

…we passed laws for very strong registration, which basically eliminated the private ownership of machine guns. You could not go out and buy a machine gun. I think that’s exactly the direction we should go in terms of assault weapons.

-Bernie Sanders

So, Bernie wants to treat assault weapons the exact same as machine guns. This is absolutely ludicrous and not even a fair comparison. Even still, this isn’t progressive enough for some Leftists.

This is the sort of anti-Constitutional notion that takes over public discourse when we allow socialist thoughts to infiltrate our society and infest our educational systems.

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