Bernie’s $2.5 Trillion Housing Plan

Bernie's $2.5 Trillion Housing Plan

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (D-VT) recently announced a huge addition to his list of free services he’s planning to hand out to the country. He’s already giving away Medicare for all and a $15 per hour minimum wage. Now, he plans to give out $2.5 trillion worth of free housing to all Americans.

Bernie openly admits that his “Housing for All” plan is expensive — as if that fact wasn’t obvious enough. While Bernie may have good intentions, creating a nanny state everyone relies on for their basic necessities strips Americans of their power. Of course, this assumes that the government could even afford such a program without going further into debt.

Part of Bernie’s Housing for All program entails the following:

  • $1.48 trillion into a National Affordable Housing Trust Fund to build 7.4 million “affordable” housing units
  • Prioritizing 25,000 of those units during his first year and $500 million into outreach for the homeless
  • $400 billion into building 2 million mixed-income social housing units

Not only are Americans going to have to pay for these housing units through taxes, but they may be forcibly grouped into mixed-income housing units. Bernie seems to want to remove personal choice from the real estate market.

Bernie attempts to justify his position by pointing out that many Americans have a hard time in today’s economy.

There is virtually no place in America where a full-time, minimum-wage worker can afford a decent two-bedroom apartment. At a time when half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck, this is unacceptable. For too long the federal government has ignored the extraordinary housing crisis in our country. That will end when I am president.

-Bernie Sanders

Maybe the excessive taxes imposed by Democrats with socialist agendas are the real reason behind some Americans struggling to get by. Seems to us the better solution is better-paying jobs!

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