Bernie Wants Government to Provide Internet

Bernie Wants Government To Provide Internet

Bernie Sanders (D-VT) may be annoyed that Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and others have jumped on his Medicare for All bandwagon, but he’s not giving up on his freebie platform. A lot of people say health care is a human right. Now Bernie’s saying high-speed internet is too. And, of course, he wants the taxpayers to pay for it.

Bernie announced last Friday that broadband internet is “a basic human right” that the federal government should provide. He plans to spend $150 billion raised under the so-called “Green New Deal” to achieve this — money that will be collected from American workers in higher taxes and energy prices. According to Sanders, this project is equivalent to FDR’s campaign to supply every home in America with electricity in the 1920s.

It’s likely Bernie borrowed this idea from fellow socialist relic Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain’s Labour Party. Corbyn recently promised free broadband to everyone and says he’ll do this by nationalizing the UK’s main internet companies into a government monopoly. Last time the UK had a government communications monopoly it took six months to get a phone line installed, and you had no choice of what model phone you got or where in your house it was fitted. Neither government is good at delivering services; sadly Bernie hasn’t got that yet.

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