Bernie Speech Hijacked By Patriotism

Bernie Speech Hijacked By Patriotism

Socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) can only be stopped if we, the people, stand up against them.

That’s exactly what this truly patriotic American did during one of Sanders’ recent speeches. A self-proclaimed Sanders-turned-Trump supporter, this person bravely interjected the message America needs to hear. At least, this is the message that Democrats need to hear.

Watch this brave man stand strong among a group of leftists in the video below.


While what this man did is commendable, it’s problematic that this sort of action is required in the first place. When the individual questioned the validity of socialism, he was immediately booed and drowned out by the crowd. Sanders handled the situation civilly but had the man escorted out when the situation got too inconvenient for the presidential candidate.

Apparently, the phrase “socialism does not work” is too much criticism for the Left to handle.

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