Bernie Clashes With Union Over Healthcare Bargaining

Veteran socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders has some radical ideas about how to “improve” health care in the US, and he’s been frightening most Americans with them for years. Now he’s developed those ideas to the point where he’s even frightening his traditional allies on the Left — which might not be the best move if he’s serious about running against President Trump next November.


Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has made “Medicare for all” one of the centerpieces of his radical socialist agenda. It’s a popular policy among people who don’t know much about it, but the average American quickly loses interest when they find out how Sanders wants it to work. Now Bernie has tried explaining it to people who should be his natural allies — unionized workers.

  • Talking to a crowd in Iowa on Monday, Sanders was asked by a worker if his proposal to extend Medicare to all Americans would mean unions lost the right to negotiate better health coverage for their members.
  • Unlike traditional socialized medicine schemes, for example, Britain’s National Health Service, the Sanders plan would abolish all private insurance coverage. In the UK, if you’re not happy with the service the NHS provides you can take out private coverage, which is very affordable because premiums aren’t loaded to cover treatment for uninsured people.
  • Under a Sanders administration, there would be no choice at all — you’d use Medicare whether you wanted to or not.
  • With no alternative ways to get coverage, there’d be no ability for unions, employees or anyone else to negotiate better coverage for themselves. The US would have something even hardcore communist dictatorships haven’t achieved — a true one-size-fits-none health system.
  • Taking away one of the key benefits they can get for their members isn’t going to make Sanders popular with the unions.
  • His plan to include illegal immigrants in his Medicare giveaway isn’t going to make him popular with many other people, either. This is the basic position of most of the Democrat presidential candidates — but ordinary Americans don’t agree.
  • Sanders has a lot of support inside the Democratic Party, mostly from younger, more radical members. He’s a hero to left-wing students. His outdated socialist ideas do nothing for ordinary Americans, though, and the more he talks the more obvious that’s becoming.

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