Bernie Ally Crushed In UK Election

Bernie Ally Crushed In UK Election

Polling in the British general election ended at 10 pm UK time Thursday, Dec. 13th, and exit polls indicated a landslide victory for the center-right Conservative Party. That’s a huge relief for the majority who voted to leave the EU in 2016 but have seen their democratic decision blocked by liberal MPs since then. However, it’s a shattering defeat for Jeremy Corbyn, the UK’s version of Bernie Sanders.


Weary British voters have just wrapped up the third general election in four years, and it’s turned out to be a stunning victory for the Conservative Party and its leader Boris Johnson. On the other hand Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — who achieved Bernie Sanders’s dream of taking over a center-left party and turning it socialist — has been crushingly rejected by the electorate.

  • Jeremy Corbyn has been a Labour MP since 1983, and he spent most of that time as a notorious far-left radical who was never allowed anywhere near government even when his party was in power.
  • That changed in the 2015 Labour leadership contest when he was added to the ballot as a token left-wing candidate that nobody expected to win. Unfortunately, Corbyn was able to convince many young members, who couldn’t remember what socialism had done to Europe, that it was the way ahead. He was elected as leader and fended off two challenges from his own MPs thanks to huge grassroots support from new members who flooded into the party.
  • Most people expected Corbyn to crash and burn at the 2017 general election, but the lackluster performance of incompetent Conservative leader Theresa May allowed the self-confessed Marxist to do surprisingly well. He didn’t win, but denied May an overall majority and was able to block all progress for the next two years.
  • Corbyn developed a Stalinist cult of personality among his followers, with chants of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” routine at rallies and meetings. His opponents derisively called him “Magic Grandpa.” The magic wore off Thursday night.
  • With results from 649 of 650 seats counted, the Conservative Party had won 364 of them; Labour had only 203. That gives Johnson a solid overall majority of 76 — and ends Corbyn’s dream of turning the UK into a socialist state.
  • He won’t try again. Just after 2 am Friday, Corbyn announced: “I want to make it clear that I will not lead the party in any future general election campaign.” He hasn’t said exactly when he plans to quit, and it’s likely he’ll try to hold on for a few months to arrange a succession by one of his inner circle, but socialism has been firmly rejected in the UK. And if Bernie Sanders gets the Democrat nomination the same will happen to him.

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