Barr Under Attack For Flynn Decision

Barr Under Attack For Flynn Decision

( – The investigation into how the FBI mistreated Michael Flynn in regard to the Russian collusion hoax has been disastrous for the Left. Shortly after shady FBI transcripts were revealed, Attorney General William Barr moved to dismiss the accusations against Flynn as the investigatory conduct wasn’t on the up and up. Not long after Barr made this decision, he came under attack.

In an open letter signed by 1,955 former Department of Justice (DOJ) employees, Barr is being asked to step down.

The letter is noteworthy because it was organized by the nonprofit Protect Democracy. Its mission statement says it wants to prevent America from “declining into a more authoritarian form of government.” While the protection of democracy is essential, it’s pretty obvious this group has a clear political bias based if other movements they’ve started are any indication. For example, one of their movements is titled “The President is Not a King.”

Clearly, this is another attempt to smear Trump and his allies when the narrative isn’t convenient.

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