Barr Takes on al Qaeda and Obama

Barr Takes on al Qaeda and Obama

( – Even though he’s busy overseeing the protection of civil liberties in the wake of COVID-19, Attorney General William Barr’s Monday press conference touched on other important issues. First, he covered new developments in the Pensacola US naval base shooting in December 2019. Then, Barr also commented on the direction he thinks the probe directed by former Connecticut prosecutor John Durham will go.

In regards to the Pensacola shooting that left three American soldiers dead and eight wounded, crucial evidence was locked inside of the gunman’s iPhone. The Department of Justice (DOJ) had been working with Apple in order to gain access to the shooter’s data, though the tech company denied this request. So, the DOJ decrypted the phone on its own and found evidence linking the shooter to al Qaeda, specifically al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

FBI Director Christopher Wray said that this new evidence shows that the attack was “the brutal culmination of years of planning.”

Next, Barr discussed the direction of Durham’s investigation, saying he doesn’t believe that Barack Obama or Joe Biden will be criminally investigated. He admitted that the focus of “potential criminality” is on people other than the duo and that his main concern was to make sure that this election, unlike the last in his opinion, remains untouched by “efforts to drum up criminal investigations of either candidate.”

Watch the press briefing here.

Barr also alluded to parallels to the Bridgegate Case, saying that abuses of power, while ethically wrong, are not necessarily criminally wrong. Durham will continue his investigation. Perhaps it’s already evident that Obama and Biden are in the wrong, so focusing on uncovering other key individuals is prudent.

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