Barr Calls Pelosi “Irresponsible” – Says Her Nazi Comment Endangered Police

Barr Says Pelosi May Have Endangered Police by Comparing Them to Nazis - Calls Her “Irresponsible”

( – We’re all used to hysterical exaggerations from the Left – but now that’s gone well beyond the point where it stops being funny. With police officers across the country facing deadly attacks every day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) thought it was a good time to pour gas on the flames with even more wild rhetoric. Police officers across the country are literally being killed in the line of duty. And Pelosi may have put officers in even MORE danger.

In a recent statement to the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General William Barr confirmed that Pelosi went too far in a tweet, possibly endangering law enforcement when she publicly compared them to Nazi “stormtroopers,” according to Politico. 

“Irresponsible” Attacks

On July 18, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a wild tweet calling federal agents “stormtroopers” and painting a picture of the US as some kind of authoritarian police state.

When most people hear the word “stormtrooper” they think of the brutal, white-armored Imperial minions in the Star Wars universe. In reality, the name goes back, via the Nazi Party’s Sturmabteilung private army, to the elite shock troops who spearheaded Imperial Germany’s last assault on the Allies in 1918. Whatever group you associate it with, it’s not a compliment.

Astonishingly, Speaker Pelosi thought it was appropriate to slap that vile label on federal agents trying to protect the Portland, OR, federal courthouse against the left-wing mobs who’ve been besieging it for over two months now.

Attorney General (AG) Bill Barr was not amused by Pelosi’s abuse. Talking to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Barr was asked if the speaker’s words could encourage violence against the police. His reply was uncompromising.

Slamming Pelosi as “irresponsible,” the AG said he thinks it’s possible this inflammatory language will increase the risks to already hard-pressed officers.

Dems Don’t Care About Anyone’s Safety

Democrats have furiously attacked the federal officers deployed to Portland, complaining about their “unmarked” uniforms (they had to remove their name tags to prevent rioters posting their home addresses online) and the use of unmarked vehicles in arrests (a tactic used by every police force in the world).

However, for once, Pelosi might just have realized she went too far. She’s now desperately trying to back away from what she said, “clarifying” that she didn’t say they were stormtroopers; she just said they acted like stormtroopers. Unfortunately for Pelosi, we can all read her tweet, and we know that what she’s now saying is just not true.

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