Barr Issues State Warning

Barr Issues State Warning

( – Attorney General William Barr recently had a fruitful discussion with radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt. The two really dug into the issues that arise from how overbearing COVID-19-related lockdowns are infringing on civil liberties. Barr was very concerned about this trend.

Barr likened these policies to being “disturbingly close to house arrest.” He thinks that it might be justified in some areas where the outbreak is severe. However, that doesn’t change the fact that our liberties are being threatened.

Republican contender for Maine governor, Adrienne Bennet, also sees a problem with her state’s current measures.

Barr went on to back President Donald Trump’s efforts thus far. He also warned that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would be watching out for infringements on civil liberties. If there’s a lawsuit that pops up from a citizen concerned about their civil liberties being violated, the DOJ will consider those lawsuits and defend the people.

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