Barr Hopes to Prevent Mass Shootings

Barr Hopes to Prevent Mass Shootings

Dems keep blaming Republicans for doing nothing to combat mass shootings in terms of gun control. In reality, having more guns in public spaces is a deterrence against any sort of mass shootings or acts of terror. Still, with the rise of mental health issues among the suspects involved, Attorney General William Barr is setting out to take more preventative steps.

Barr plans to launch an initiative to identify troubled individuals before they become a mass shooter.

While we applaud any attempt to address mental health issues, the primary problem with Barr’s idea is that it gives credence to the already highly-abused red flag laws. California is a prime example of how the system is abused to prevent law-abiding citizens from obtaining or keeping firearms. Going too far with this well-intentioned initiative can spell disaster for gun owners across the country.

William Barr has done amazing things during his time as Attorney General, but this particular policy can easily go too far if he’s not careful.

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