Barr Breaks the Bad News on the Durham Report

Barr Breaks the Bad News on the Durham Report

( – Since December of 2018, a wide-sweeping investigation by US Attorney John Durham has been looking into the legalities of the Russian collusion hoax. US Attorney General William Barr has been under pressure from President Trump for months to speed up the investigation and announce indictments. According to Barr, the report probably will not be released before the election.

Over the last few weeks, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified information showing Hillary Clinton created the Russian narrative to distract from her email scandal. Additionally, handwritten notes by former CIA Director John Brennan corroborate the story.

Some conservatives want the investigation to end to prove what Trump has been fighting against. Trump has called for Obama, Biden, and other top Obama officials to be prosecuted for their role in an attempted coup. However, a senior White House official allegedly said Durham isn’t interested in the election. He is working on prosecutions that can be won in court.

Durham’s findings will undoubtedly be fascinating. We’ll keep you posted when they are released.

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