Atheists Fuming Over Bible Gift

Atheists Fuming Over Bible Gift

Last year, former Texas police officer Amber Guyger, shot and killed her neighbor in his own apartment. Amber believed that she had entered her apartment to find an intruder. The details surrounding this case are complicated and odd, but the end result is Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Judge Tammy Kemp oversaw the case and provided the sentencing, which resulted in Amber breaking down in tears. Speaking at the sentencing hearing, the victim’s brother, Brandt Jean, told her that he forgave her and that he wanted the best for her. He said he knows that his brother would have wanted the best for her too, and that “best” was to give her life to Christ. Watch his compelling testimony.

Moved by the testimony of a victim’s brother, and reportedly a request from the defendent herself, Judge Kemp gave Amber one of her own personal Bibles in hopes that she could find redemption and solace during her sentence.

What amazing acts of courage by two strangers!

While the story should have ended there, atheists are now throwing a fit over this Biblical gift.

Kemp understands that “you just need a tiny mustard seed of faith” in order to improve and grow as a person. Atheists just can’t fathom what it means to be caring and understanding towards the individuals who need the most guidance. In their anti-religious crusade for a “better world,” atheists only end up promoting nihilism and the destruction of the moral fabric that keeps America intact.

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