Asylum System Abuses to Decrease

Asylum Abuse to Decrease

The backlog of over 1 million cases clogging up various immigration courts is a sign that there are too many illegals attempting to cross the border. One manifestation of this trend is how slow the process is for perfectly legal and law-abiding immigrants who wait far too long to help America prosper. The most concerning aspect, however, is the writing on the wall that far too many people are trying to subvert our laws and cross our borders.

In order to fix this problem, one of President Trump’s latest proposals would grant asylum officers more discretion on which refugee cases they can accept or decline.

This is clearly more than the Democrats have done to improve America, as pointed out by Charlie Kirk.

The new policy would give asylum officers seven requirements to apply to asylum cases. A significant requirement for asylum officials to use is illegal re-entry by those previously deported and deemed to have engaged in domestic violence. Other criteria include being convicted of previous crimes and driving under the influence.

This is simply another example of President Trump thanklessly protecting America from dangerous individuals.

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