Associated Press Makes CORRECTION – This Could Have Caused WWIII

Associated Press Corrects Report That Could've Sparked WWIII

Associated Press Corrects Report That Could’ve Sparked WWIII

( – An adage often attributed to American philosopher Noam Chomsky warns that whoever controls media outlets controls the world. Arguably, the Associated Press (AP) is one such organization — at least if one buys the organization’s claim that its wire service reaches “more than half the world’s population” daily. Moreover, the company recently corrected a report that could have sparked a global war.

On November 15, the AP reported that a Russian missile barrage struck Ukraine’s power grid. Citing an unnamed US official, the AP also said it was Russia’s largest missile strike during the conflict, “and some of the missiles crossed into Poland.”

Media outlets subscribing to the AP wire service quickly published the article, including powerful news agencies like The Washington Post. However, President Joe Biden quickly disputed the claim, telling reporters “preliminary information” indicated it was “unlikely” that the missiles came from Russia. Other global leaders followed suit, saying the strike likely came from Ukrainian troops using Russian missiles obtained during the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

The following day, the AP posted a correction, conceding that although the missiles were Russian-made, Ukraine “likely fired… in defense against a Russian attack.” While an online review by Right Wing found multiple sites were eager to print the first article, many had failed to print retractions on their posts, reprinted under their subscription to AP’s news feed.

As the Russia/Ukraine conflict approaches its ninth month, tensions remain high, and the last thing the world needs is an unnecessary global escalation based on a false news report.

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