“Assault Weapon” Ban Dies In Virginia Senate

(RightWing.org) – A controversial gun control bill pushed by Virginia leftists died in committee Tuesday, as moderate Democrats joined their GOP colleagues in rejecting the proposed crackdown. Aimed at so-called “assault weapons,” the law would have banned most popular sporting guns as well as magazines for those rifles and any decent handgun designed after the mid-1930s.


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been garnering polarizing opinions over the last few months with his latest assault on Second Amendment rights.

  • Since Democrats took control of the Virginia General Assembly last year, Northam has been trying to push through a raft of strict gun control measures.
  • The centerpiece of the legislation was a ban on “assault weapons.” Although no specific definition of this term was given it’s understood that the law would have banned AR15-style sporting rifles. Actual assault rifles have been heavily regulated since 1934 and newly-manufactured ones were banned from the market in 1986.
  • Northam says his aim wasn’t to seize the most popular firearms in the USA from Virginia shooters; instead, he claims, the law was intended to prevent mass shootings.
  • Out of seven mass shootings in Virginia, only one involved a weapon that falls under the vague category of “assault weapon” as defined by the lapsed federal assault weapon ban — and that was a terrorist attack against CIA headquarters, carried out by a Pakistani national who was in the US illegally.
  • The proposed law sparked heated protests, with tens of thousands of gun owners peacefully demonstrating outside the state capitol last month. Over a hundred jurisdictions in Virginia have turned the leftist “sanctuary city” trick on its head, declaring themselves as sanctuaries for Second Amendment rights.
  • Northam’s legislation came up before the state senate’s judiciary committee on Monday. When faced with the full detail of what their governor wanted to do, four Democrat senators balked. Joining their Republican counterparts, they voted to shelve the bill for the year to “allow more study.”
  • The state crime commission will now look into the question of “assault weapons,” while Northam pushes ahead with other plans. He also wants to limit handgun purchases to one a month, bring in universal background checks and allow local authorities to ban guns from public buildings and parks.
  • Another law under consideration by the Virginia legislature would introduce Red Flag laws, allowing police to temporarily confiscate guns from anyone judged likely to be a danger. This looks likely to trigger another fierce fight as it moves forward.

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