Assassination EMERGENCY — Candidate for Governor a Target!

Man Threatened To Kill Gubernatorial Candidate and His Family

Man Threatened To Kill Gubernatorial Candidate and His Family

( – Tensions remain high throughout the nation, with the midterm elections days away and future control of the House and Senate up for grabs. Last week, a deranged man reportedly broke into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) California home and assaulted her husband. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh recently received death threats. The list of mindless politically-motivated violence has reached an alarming peak in recent weeks to the point a man threatened to kill a Republican gubernatorial candidate and his family.

On November 2, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Cook County State’s Attorney’s office charged 21-year-old Scott Lennox with felony counts of threatening a public official, phone harassment, and harassment using electronic communications after he left a threatening voicemail for Republican gubernatorial nominee Darren Bailey.

Using a string of obscenities, Lennox reportedly threatened to mutilate and kill Bailey and his family members, using sometimes obscene and graphic language and descriptions. Ironically, he left the message on Friday, October 28, the same day a home invader allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi.

Lennox reportedly had a heated exchange with friends at a local Chicago drinking establishment after a campaign ad for Bailey appeared on the bar’s television set immediately prior to leaving the obscene message.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Susana Ortiz set bail at $75,000 during Lennox’s November 2 arraignment hearing. She also barred the criminal defendant from contacting Bailey, his family members, and staffers and ordered him to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Arthur Schwartz, a New York public relations consultant and longtime associate of Donald Trump Jr, attributed Lennox’s behavior to President Joe Biden’s divisive political rhetoric. What do you think? Is the president running the risk of inciting violence with his ongoing condemnations of conservative figures?

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