Army Doctor Declared a Threat for Granting Exemptions to the COVID Vaccine Mandate

Army Doctor Declared a Threat for Granting Exemptions to the COVID Vaccine Mandate

Army Doctor DESIGNATED A THREAT – Here’s What Happened

( – The US Army has designated one of its own officers as a threat because he isn’t going along with the Biden administration’s COVID vaccine directives. The military doctor is under fire for granting exemptions to the mandate. Now he can’t do his job — but he can’t resign, either.

On September 21, Major Samuel Sigoloff, a US Army doctor at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, was banned from seeing patients by his commanding officer. Lt. Col. Marie Carmona claimed Sigoloff was guilty of unprofessionalism, spreading misinformation to patients, and writing exemption letters that falsely called vaccines “genetic therapy.” The suspension followed a series of complaints about the doctor from other troops, including a nurse who alleged he was expressing extremist opinions and another officer who said Sigoloff told soldiers to refuse the vaccine. He’s also alleged to have told troops that the vaccine would alter their DNA.

This past January, Sigoloff was formally reprimanded for conduct that “fell significantly below the standards of good order and discipline expected of Soldiers in the U.S. Army.” Two investigations have found that he committed misconduct — including pre-COVID complaints that he “diverged from standards” in prescribing meds for ADHD. On August 1, he received an email telling him that he was being discussed by the base’s Threat Working Group.

Sigoloff now faces the possibility of being discharged from the Army. Meanwhile, according to his lawyer, he’s tried to resign from the service — but the Army is refusing to process the paperwork. If he resigns his commission, he will retain his veteran’s benefits, but if he’s discharged for misconduct, he’ll lose everything.

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