Are Some States Opening Too Soon?

Are Some States Opening Too Soon?

( – Americans are eager to return to their normal lives — people can only stay at home and out of work for so long. To fix this, President Donald Trump released a three-phase guidance on Thursday, April 16, to suggest when and how state governments should open their economies.

However, it seems like some southern states aren’t following these guidelines. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee recently announced a phased re-opening after his “safer-at-home” order expires on April 30.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is reopening bars, salons, and bowling alleys this Friday and restaurants on Monday, April 27. Kemp also expressed his deep concern about how the coronavirus has affected the state economy.

South Carolina opened some beaches on Tuesday, April 21, after having closed them for two weeks. Some beaches remained closed by local orders.

Depending on how safe these governors believe it is, they’re enacting calculated re-openings, but not opening the floodgates.

What’s concerning, is that Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina are still seeing upswings in COVID-19 cases. For instance, Georgia had 18,300 cases on Monday and just over 20,000 on Tuesday. South Carolina saw over 60 new cases between Monday morning and Tuesday, bringing its total to 4,439.

Is reopening now the right move for these states? Only time will tell.

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