Are Republicans Ready to Lead?

Are Republicans Ready to Lead?

( – For the moment, Republicans are hamstrung while they are the minority party in both chambers, albeit only by the thinnest of margins. In 2020, House Republicans significantly outperformed expectations. Not only did they not lose a single seat, but they also stole seats from Democratic moderates.

As the 2022 midterm elections approach, the GOP has a favorable situation heading into the election season beginning in January. In the spring, primaries will kick off as the GOP begins making its case. Fortunately, the Democrats in both chambers of Congress, President Joe Biden, and redistricting are giving Republicans a jumpstart.

The Republican Agenda

If Republicans take back one or both chambers of Congress, the GOP says it’s ready to lead. If they win in 2022, Republicans will need to prove in 2023 that they can walk and chew gum at the same time. They will work with President Biden where they can, and they’ll take their cues from previous Democratic Congresses during the Trump years to stifle his radical agenda.

If you listen closely to the Republican’s message, they are focusing more on the latter right now. Since Biden botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan and continues to double down on falsehoods, Republicans are floating ideas ranging from launching investigative committees, impeachment, and invoking the 25th Amendment.

For the moment, the suggestions are merely rhetoric while Republicans are in the minority. However, if they take back the House or the Senate, have no doubt the GOP expects to govern as an opposition party by having the right policies going into 2024. In addition to Biden’s propensity to gaffe or make serious mistakes that harm America, a GOP-controlled Congress will try to expose and trip up the president and the Democratic Party heading into the presidential election.

What’s the End Game?

The end game is not just to win Congress back. It’s also to win the presidency in 2024 and undo all the damage caused by the Biden administration to personal liberties, the economy, and America’s reputation around the globe. Unfortunately, they can’t get the cart before the horse.

In a post-Trump world full of Democratic oversteps, miscues, and dangers to America, the GOP will engage in the behavior Democrats taught them from 2017-2020. If they win Congress, Conservatives will seek to hold Biden accountable by locking down the executive branch through ongoing hearings and investigations.

Additionally, some in the GOP are already talking about impeachment over Biden’s incompetent handling of the Afghanistan pullout. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) already filed three impeachment resolutions for dereliction of duty of the Afghanistan withdrawal, endangering the security of the US, and countering the will of Congress over the unilateral extension of the eviction moratorium.

Not every Republican is jumping on the impeachment train. There isn’t a reason at this point because they are in the minority. Instead, they will largely stay out of the way as Biden and Democrats doom themselves.

If Democrats aren’t willing to lead and are only interested in protecting their frail majorities and the president, the GOP is ready to step up and assert itself. If you want to know what’s coming in the election, watch what Republicans in Congress are doing over the next few months as they start to pivot towards what’s likely to become a referendum on the president and Democratic leftist policies.

For many Conservatives, November 2022 can’t come soon enough. Hold on tight. There’s a lot of work required between now and then to ensure victory, accountability, and the future of America’s promises.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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