Are Public Executions in Ukraine Part of Putin’s Plan?

Are Public Executions in Ukraine Part of Putin's Plan?

( – Things didn’t exactly work out as planned for Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding Ukraine. Western news reports and an unnamed US Defense Department official claim Russian troop morale is low. Bloomberg reporter Kitty Donaldson recently tweeted that public executions could be part of Putin’s plan for the embattled country.

On March 3, Donaldson reported the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service (FSB) already “drafted plans for public executions” in Ukraine as Russian troops take control of the nation’s major metropolitan areas. Donaldson also claimed the FSB planned to use “violent crowd control [measures] and repressive detention” to undermine Ukrainian morale.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently reached out to Putin in hopes of brokering an end to the fighting. So far, the Russian leader has resisted the suggestion of anything less than a total surrender from Ukraine.

Russian negotiator Leonid Slutsky recently confirmed a third round of talks after the two sides agreed to establish humanitarian corridors to provide an escape route for Ukrainian civilians attempting to flee the country.

Meanwhile, Putin said all of his goals were “being attained” during a recent televised meeting of his Security Council. He also stressed Russians and Ukrainians were “one people,” adding Russian troops were fighting “neo-Nazis” and rogue outside forces inside Ukraine.

What do you think about the situation in Ukraine? Do you believe Russian troops will prevail?

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